WRC cars are fine and all, but watch and listen to this… 911 GT3 on rally stages

GT cars and rally, so much potential and possibilities, but also quite difficult to combine into a proper racing class or category, especially on WRC level. FIA tried something similar, but there does not seem to be much going on in this particular field. That does not stop privateers in regional or national championships to compete in all sorts of rear-wheel drive GT cars. It’s difficult to imagine RWD once ruled the World Rally Championship before Audi came along and ruined it all with their quattro. Just kidding, quattro was a huge thing and it pushed the sport and the car industry forward by a notch. Yet, even today no car can match GT beasts for pure awesomeness on rally stages, apart from maybe group B cars. Cars like Porsche 911 and its counterparts may not be as efficient and, well, competitive in long run when compared to modern WRC cars, but put 10 911 GT3s on stages vs. 10 whichever-modern-WRC-car-you-like and see who puts bigger smiles and inspired louder cheers from the spectators.

These two videos are prime example. Porsche 911 GT3, driven by Ruben and co-driven by Petra Zeltner (2nd video) and Helmar Hinneberg, is not the car you would pick as an ideal rally car, but do check the entry lists on many rally events in Europe and you’ll see many, many (do use Capt. Lassard voice for this) Porsche and other GT-valid cars. Besides, why wouldn’t 911 GT3 be a seriously good rally car. It’s fast as hell, handling and balance are superb and well, it sounds and looks amazing. Sure, it takes a bit of skill to wield as many horsies on the rear wheels, but luckily for us there are people capable of just that.

Which video you like more? I love ’em both to be honest, it does help to see just how much work it is to drive a car like this on twisty, narrow, muddy roads, using sequential lever and not something fancy like paddles.

Thanks to Marcel for sending me the link.