Molly Taylor in a new team, with a new co-driver she knows (very) well

This year Australian driver Molly Taylor will take part in the FIA Junior World Rally Championship, driving Citroën DS3 R3. Last year Molly competed in the revamped European Rally Championship, clinching the ERC Ladies Trophy crown, but for this year she is ready for something bigger.

Bigger ambitions mean bigger commitments. Taylor parted ways with her former team and co-driver Seb Marshall and in 2014 she joined another Italian squad, D-Max Racing. Molly revealed that Mr. Marshall refused to dress for the occassion and wear a wig (and potentially few other… gadgets meant to make this dude look like a lady), so she had to look for a female co-driver, mostly for marketing purposes of being a ladies only crew. She did not need to look too far because joining her on the WRC events this year will be Coral Taylor, also known as Molly’s mother, Australian champion co-driver.

“I asked Seb how he would feel wearing a wig and a skirt but he didn’t feel it would suit him,” Molly joked. “However, he understands the commercial reality of what I have to do. He is a first-class co-driver and I will miss having him in the co-driver’s seat. I wouldn’t be where I am without him, but I’m also mindful that to take the next step in my career, I need to be in a position to attract the commercial partners to make this happen.”

“Equally I’m excited to share this next stage of my professional development with my mother, who has had my back since I first stepped into a car. She is arguably the best co-driver in Australia, plus she has had World Rally Championship experience – and no-one knows me better.”