Fantastic Fafe Rally Sprint onboard with Dani Sordo, Hyundai Motorsport

Hyundai Motorsport enjoyed Fafe Rally Sprint very much, it seems. I suppose it’s actually impossible to stay indifferent to all the passion and the atmosphere in and around this superb special stage. It’s not a superspecial stage, it’s a superb special stage!

Some experts say Dani Sordo is only good on tarmac. Experts with even more expertise say he is only good on tarmac on good days. That means that on a bad day and/or on gravel Dani simply cannot drive, at all? As in, you and me would be faster if driving in reverse, with our eyes shut and with handbrake engaged. Yep, Dani Sordo is no match for experts. In fact, no driver ever is or will be. Because experts (yours truly including) know best.

Seriously though, look at this fabulous treat from Hyundai Motorsport! Look at all those people? Look at how this stage makes you think it’s a fairly straigh not too technical piece of road, even though it’s bordered by those nasty little banks with literally no room for error. And the speeds! Whoa, I say. Whoa.

And look at all those people! Just look at them. Either they’re enjoying themselves or they’re incredibly stupid, standing there all day, looking at some cars racing against the clock. With no “hey, I have this great idea on how we can make this more 21st century” ideas needed. Just a road, some cars and a stopwatch.

Thanks, Hyundai Motorsport!