What a wonderful day (of rallying and otherwise)

I must say I am completely totally sure you could not care less about how my day went, but I’ll say it anyway. Instead of being glued to the PC and/or WiFi, listening to WRC Live and refreshing stage results, I got to do something completely different. And thankfully, it was very boring. With the exception of 2 trips from MOT station to home – first I forgot my wallet, alright, it happens (to me all the time). When I got back in line to have my car inspected I realized I also left insurance papers at home – oh well, another drive home to fetch those papers. The check itself went smooth, brakes braked and lights… lit? Ten year old French diesel smoke was apparently not harmful at all, so that also received “a OK” mark. The ultimate glitch happened when I was supposed to pay for all this. Like a boss, I offered to pay in cash, only to realize I’m short by few euros. I immediately switched my stance from boss to peon, humbly asking if the bill can be split so I can pay the rest with my credit card. Original bill cancelled, more paper wasted and finally I was able to pay and go home. I sort of expected to be flattened by a meteor on my way home, but nope, didn’t happen.

All this time I had no idea what was going on in Portugal, but somehow I was sure this was going to be an epic day. Was it epic? You bet your favourite driver’s retirement from the event it was! Retirements, retirements, retirements. Crashes and rolls. Nobody was safe. Robert Kubica crashed creatively, blocking the stage. Kris Meeke rolled, Jari-Matti Latvala went off, Elfyn Evans crashed out. Each manufacturer team lost one crew, except Hyundai. You know those jokers, with their toy-like car? They were fastest on three special stages, and they have three cars in top ten – led by Dani Sordo (aka the one who does not know how to gravel) in fifth place overall. What was that? They’re only in top 10 because so many others crashed? Whatever you say, champ, whatever you say.

Forecast for tomorrow says rain (not for Portugal I think, but for my part of world it does), meaning I have a perfect excuse to forget about the great outdoors and lock myself in a dark corner, tune to WRC Live and follow the day 2 of Rally de Portugal. Very close fights and tiny gaps, may them endure the second day too, so we can have a grand finale filled with “we’re going to push” instead of “we’re just cruising to the finish”. I mean, Ott Tanak is second, Mikko Hirvonen first and they’re both being chased by Sebastien Ogier. Whoa!

Go… all of them!