New team is coming, pick your drivers

  • Markus

    American would be awesome but they lack experience. I would love to see Hening Solberg, but maybe he is too old already. Esapeka Lappi is good choice I think for team b, no points. Interesting topic!

  • SF3

    A1: Jari Matti Latvala
    A2: Esapekka Lappi

    B1: Jari Ketomaa
    B2: Sebastien Chardonnet

    R&D: Marcus Gronholm or Markko Martin

  • Dan Terea

    Francois Delecour is a great pick.
    I would go for:

    A1 Mads Ostberg
    A2 Sebastien Chardonnet

    B1 Pontus Tideman
    B2 Andreas Mikkelsen

  • Jake Gerbino

    A1: Ott Tanak
    A2: Hayden Paddon

    B1: Freddy Loix
    B2: Esapekka Lappi

    R&D: Petter Solberg

  • Abd

    I really would love to see Jarko Nikarra. He did really good job with a car considered the weakest of all current established wrc cars!

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