Not again! The powerstage shootout returns, scarier than ever



  • Agree 100%
    They should invest and look into how people can track drivers and times.
    It is still beyond me that in current times you have to wait ages to get split or stage times. Even poor WRC radio guys have to wonder what the time was at the end of the stage. C’mon! Also the fact that you have to use external sites like Citroen or VW to get the timing up to date?!
    If you can fix the timing on the website, improve it, and few more features, introduce live gps tracking, which would show all drivers in the stage with splits, speeds etc you will gain much more quality audience. If you could add live streaming from onboard cameras, that would be the ultimate experience for audience. I seriously don’t believe it’s that hard nowadays. Amateurs do it everyday!
    In current day and age I can’t believe that I have to rely on a short radio interview at the end of the stage to learn the time and find out what was going on during the stage. I don’t want to mention WRC website, as I don’t want to get too flustered on Friday. They improved the design, ok, but the functionality is from 1990. Timing? useless… Only WRC radio keeps things together.
    Promoters should interact more with audience and public rather than wrc players, who have their own business agendas to take care of.
    That will be all. I just hope the reason will prevail and they will be able to improve the fan experience but won’t spoil the sport.

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