Kubica “will try to change” his “approach” to collect some finishes

  • Marko S.

    I really hope it works out for him. He’s shown real potential and talent, now we gotta see what’s his learning curve like.

  • Another good, subjective view on the case :) I really like the karting and F1 analogy, and I think this is quite good comparison, especially if you add that one was driving karts only occasionally just as a hobby :)
    Also there is very interesting interview with RK done by AutoX comparing F1 and WRC worlds. This may give some more perspective as to what challenge RK is facing, that for him starting in WRC is a completely new experience and has has to adapt and learn the rules of rally world. Here is a link: http://www.autox.in/feature/formula-one-wrc-different-worlds/

    I’m afraid though that some people might interpret it in a wrong way (again!) and call RK a spoiled child. But they would be wrong. RK is anything but spoiled by ‘luxuries’ of F1. He worked hard his whole life to get there and if there was a driver in F1 who Deserved his seat, that was RK. He didn’t have money, he didn’t have big sponsors, he just had talent and speed.
    People need to understand that he really faces challenges due to his injury, biggest ones in everyday life. He will not give up though, he will learn how to win in rally, that’s I’m sure of, and I will be proud that I was supporting him all the way through the good and, especially, the bad days, when the support is needed the most.

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