Ogier fastest on the opening stage

Compared to what crews will encounter tomorrow, today’s first superspecial stage looked like a play in the park probably. Or maybe it didn’t, because, well, every meter counts and it takes a lot less than 6.04 kilometers (the length of the SSS1) to mess things up badly. Fortunately, nobody messed up just yet and they are all accounted for after the first timed test. It was a difficult, slippery stage and some drivers decided to save their strength (and concentration) for the big ones, most of which are on the menu tomorrow. Robert Kubica and Elfyn Evans did not rush things and it reflected on the results – Kubica is 13th and Evans 14th, but the most important thing for both drivers is – they did not make any silly mistakes and they will be able to continue their learning lessons tomorrow. Experience > anything else for both Kubica and Evans.

Up there in the lead, things are looking, well, as you might expect they would. Sebastien Ogier does not need caution, obviously, so he was fastest because why not. I am positive they all were a bit more cautious and careful on this stage and Ogier, with his healthy championship lead, was able to push just that bit more. Mads Ostberg and his “Loeb style” grabbed second place in front of Andreas Mikkelsen rounding up the top three after first stage in Argentina.

Tomorrow, it’s going to be a bit different compared to today. Two runs over two stages, one of which is over 51 kilometers long, could shake things up across the board.