“Just do as I say, don’t do as I do”

Unless you are extremely busy, or your Internet is dead/switched off/non existent, you really should tune in to WRC Live each time there is a WRC event going on. There is NO BETTER WAY to follow the action, even if you’re spectating on the stages, you will still benefit from all the information and insights provided by WRC Live reporters and hosts. Your excuse better be a big and solid one, because you really should be plugged in and listen to Becs Williams, Colin Clark, George Donaldson and Lisa O’Sullivan if you want to know who did what and be sure that the information you receive is: a) correct, b) up to date, c) correct as well.

I am writing this as a kind of an excuse for not being able to tune in to WRC Live show until now. So as the title says, just tune in if you can, don’t let anything get in your way.

In my defense, I was not distracted by Formula 1 or WTCC qualifying sessions, don’t be mean, please.