Peugeot ready for ERC round in the Azores & not at all interested in the WRC

  • Rikard

    But the main reason Peuegot is not part of WRC anymore is becuse they are a subsidary brand of Citroën? They relized that in 2005 that competing with themselfes didn´t make any sense.

    • That is definitely the main reason, or shall we say, the main reason is PSA Peugeot Citroën group cannot afford to have both companies/brands competing in the WRC. However, it also sounds like Peugeot would not be interested in the WRC even if Citroën wasn’t taking part in it. Of course, the fact that Citroën is in WRC, and thus it makes no financial sense for Peugeot to join as well, probably enables Peugeot to be very critical of the sport, while in essence offering very little in terms of constructive criticism.

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