We want live onboard streaming, how about it, WRC?

  • Hear! Hear!

  • Roger

    Because you’d completely undermine the ability to sell the product to TV stations.
    What are TV stations paying for if you give it away on the internet?

    • WRB

      But is selling to TV stations the only way forward? Why not come up with a model to use both TV and internet and quite possibly benefit and/or profit from both?

  • Subaru did a show with discovery with solberg and Atkinson during the s12bdays fantastic show

  • Charles

    I’ve been following V8 supercars recently, was immediately impressed by the coverage it had, of course the all important pracs, quali, and then the main races. But it has extras all the time, teaching the audience about the cars, pit stops, strategies and inducing lots of humour and interviews which makes the audience feel much closer to the drivers and races. This is what WRC lacks, the reach out to the viewers and making them stay interested. V8 supercars grabbed me immediately, as a newbie to the series I was absolutely bombed with a hell load of information and I immediately found myself understanding the sport in minutes, the way the live coverage grabs you is like no other. I’d say it’s world class, it’s very embarrassing for an established sport like WRC to be missing that world class element. Lots of promises which leads to lots of disappointments.

    • Your comment is like you’ve been going through my exact thoughts. Well said. Everyone is focused on this one powerstage as if this will be the ultimate fix, but the sport is lacking much more. Your comment sums it up perfectly.

  • stefan walker

    The Subaru documentary on National geographic was insane it got deep into the technical side of the sport and,brought all the teams UPS and downs. Drama between the,teammates and,such. Now that would be an awesome idea. Funny thing is the only person that is thinking of taking the sport higher is Capito… People may not like it but at least he’s doing something.

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