Power stage shootout (hopefully) explained; should WRC trade TV for internet?

  • Stefan walker

    The internet is key… Just ask Mr.Ken Block. Its the reason he has some,much followers/haters.

  • Marko S.

    Nice explanation of a horrible idea.
    As I was happy to see VW as a new team in WRC, I am as much disgusted with the “profit the world” attitude. Times of pride and glory are long gone…. Welcome to the era of VWRC!
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  • Rikard

    FIA aren´t competent enough to be in charge of the sport, bring back Group B and interest in WRC will skyrocket.

  • Stefan walker

    Guys are to correct man lol, VWRC? Seems legit! How come the ERC is so successful then, what are they doing that WRC isn’t?

    • mozesii

      Im a maths scholar who never understood tennis scoring system. Capito’s idea is complex and silly but atleast he suggested a modern solution. Its not as stupefying as Todt’s romantic idea of old school rallying. Remember the recent 5 day Monte? Didn’t anyone learn from test cricket?

      My solution is an ERC type WRC. It has a regional audience, free national tv, a strong feeder series, cheaper cars, shorter events and most importantly younger administration. Try explaining all this to a rally commission run by people who never rallied with helmets and have no whatsapp accounts. ERC is mostly tv based BUT non-European audience could easily be covered by David Richard’s internet based idea because now with the exception of USA and Canada, mobile telecommunication in Asia, Africa and Latin America is more advanced than Europe.

      I say Hybrid TV/Internet coverage for a WRC scaled down to ERC format.

  • If this power stage shootout really does become more of a reality. Instead why not increase the power stage points. Imagine, 10 championship points for the power stage win and so on for the runner ups. Even say a driver rally 2’s the weekend and is out of the top 10, they can make up some really nice points in that power stage. Or say driver places 5th or above and scores max Power Stage points, they would almost be equal to winning the rally in championship points, just not winning the rally. 3 points is good and every point counts, but imagine something even more beneficial. I dunno just a thought.

    Also i’m all for More internet coverage. We don’t even get coverage here in the states. Youtube uploads have been my main source for coverage. That’s the future of TV anyway.

  • Marko S.

    @ Rikard: thumbs up!
    @ Stefan: don’t know exactly what ERC does better than WRC, but they do it and without breaking the sport
    @ Christian: Much better idea than PSS, however it still interferes with the sport in its essence, rally is an endurance race, it makes no sense to increase the relevance of the last stage making it a sprint race or hybrid of some sort.
    The solution has to be in the way WRC is promoted, not in the way WRC works.

  • Alex Langheck

    For me there is no discussion to be had. This is NOT Rallying, if VW/ Capito don’t like it, then go to World RX, or GRC. it really is that simple.
    Rallying can be complicated- this just add another level, which isn’t needed.

    Forget Live TV, that is for highlights. RedBull even have their own web TV, but aren’t using it properly. Again, they’ve fallen into the trap; trying to sell rights to PayTV, were few people watch.

    The WRC needs 8-10 proper events, with cars that excite fans – and promoted properly. It really isn’t rocket science.

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