Stage end cameras, possible or not?

  • MattJ

    I stopped reading after the second paragraph.
    I don’t believe wasting money on a live feed JUST at a stage end.. It would be exactly the same as running a live stage. You’d still need a sat truck, line rental, a editor, sound engineer and so on. Yes a quick 2 minute interview would be great at the stage end but if we already have radio why do a half asse effort… Keep WRC Live at each end stage or do FULL liver coverage of stages. Top 15 cars, stage cameras, heli cams and stage end interviews…

    • Well they did waste money on service park cameras, even though those streams did not even show cars with wheels on. But I’m not sure you’ll read through this reply. Also, you’re in the “let’s have nothing unless we can’t have everything” camp?

      • MattJ

        Hi Tom, thanks for the reply. I am not the “let’s have nothing unless we can’t have everything” type of WRC enthusiast… I’ve followed the sport for now 15 years, and can see and sense the progression of the sport needs to catch up and move faster. The team behind the organising committee as well as the promotors have to find a, find the solution on how to make our sport better, online LIVE coverage is the key… Changing formats must stop; it’s been done too many times. Clover leaf, SSS stages, remote servicing (fails), keeping stages closer to one another. There have been so many changes in the course of a decade that it still continues to confuse me. Just yesterday I asked if Day 1’s final classification order will be the following days start order! Or was that the qualifying stage times = starting order… See? It’s already got me. A proper solution to marketing and viewing the sport is a must. Yes LIVE, yes to TV but more importantly non geo-restricted coverage on the internet! The angles are fine, we have the technology, possibly the money (??? if it’s not all going to the bosses at the FIA whom aren’t doing much for the sport), we have the teams, we have the drivers. Just get the thumb out of the rear of the FIA chumps and get the sport back on track!

        • Matt, I really enjoyed this comment and I must say I’m on board with everything you suggested. The changing formats are extremely annoying and help nothing, and by introducing more radical changes without really being sure whether they’ll work or not is quite risky I believe. I do hope they will not just go with the proposals and changes for the sake of changing things and calling it a job done.

          I also hope you understand my idea of stage end cameras. A simple “webcam-like” solution, like they have in service parks, would be better than nothing at this point – I feel it would be great to be able to see the cars arrive to stage ends to talk to reporters all while we’re listening to the actual statements on WRC Live radio. I’m not suggesting this stage end TV is the ultimate TV solution – I merely thing it could be a relatively simple addition to the existing tech used to cover the events. On some stages it might be technically challenging or straight impossible to do, but on majority I think it would be very doable.


  • Marko S.

    I don’t think it’s the technology that is holding back any kind of streaming, stage end or on board.

  • JMR

    How does ERC manage to have live onboards for every other stage?

  • Marko S.

    ERC seems to have promoters/investors with updated brains, unlike WRC.

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