European Rally Championship – 10 shorter events in 2015

  • Nefus

    I think the main reason rally isn´t as popular is becuse there´s absolute zero rally games and very few have actually made a serious attempt in the past. I just don´t get why and I have very little hope for codemasters new Dirt 4, it´s probably gonna be the same 1 minute stages and same casual crap as usual.

  • Marko S.

    There were no games in the 80’s, but check the group B videos to see if rallying was popular back then. There was no live streaming then, no live broadcasting world wide that I’m aware of, yet there were millions of ppl on the stages, and many manufacturers taking part in the championship.

    • Nefus

      Indeed but that was the Group B era and a time when television was the only way to watch something on a screen. Today FIA still seems to think the internet doesn´t exist, why can´t they just post a video of the entire rally on their youtube channel? I don´t have a TV and I am not alone, also video games are today more influential than ever, did you heard that two supercars got sold becuse of the game Forza 5? I also heard that car sales of Subaru went up becuause of the Gran Turismo series.

      • Official WRC game does exist, but it could use a lot of improvements to become a really solid title with enough fun for both hard core RBR crowd on one hand and a more casual gamers on the other. I agree with Nefus, a very good game, properly promoted and maintained, could help build the hype around the sport – it won’t make it or break it maybe, but it would be helpful.

  • Roger

    That’s not a list of potential events for 2015, it’s the rest of the 2014 calendar….

    • I don’t even know what to say. I wasn’t paying attention to what is written above the list so I obviously made up this drama of events missing from the 2015 calendar. Really…

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