Video: Walter Röhrl Special

It’s up to you to decide whether you’re more interested in seeing the man in action or it’s the car that gets your heart pumping. The man behind the wheel is German legend, Walter Röhrl and the car… well, the car is the infamous, monstrous, beastly beast of a machine, Audi Quattro. The year is 2010 so no, this is not a geniune group B era video featuring this car and this driver at the top of their game, but even if this is “just” Rally Legend event in San Marino, I don’t think there’s anything missing. Walter is not exactly shy in tossing this wonderful car around twisty road and there is the sound, the unmistakable whine of Audi’s 5 cylinder powerhouse.

If you’re worried about the future of the World Rally Championship and whether they take the sport towards some kind of cheap circus show, perhaps all you need is a deep breath, some optimism and a bit of good old nostalgia. I know, it doesn’t really sound like a good combo, but look at the clock, I had to think of something.

Marko, thanks for the tip.