Toyota GT86 CS-R3 takes shape

  • Nefus

    Hope no current manufacturer pulls out when Toyota comes, we all know what happened to Mini and Suzuki. Currently VW is unbeatable becase of zero competiion, Hyundai with Thierry Neuville have come third 2 times and thats been it. Hope Hyundai makes the car work properly since technical failure have been in the way of any sucess.

    • Hyundai have said many times this year is the learning / developing year for them and that the real thing begins in 2015. Having that in mind, they’re doing better and better me thinks. As for other teams leaving or coming, much will depend on what FIA comes up as far as technical rules for 2017 & beyond are concerned, as you know. Maybe stability is the key especially for new(er) teams to be able to develop and catch up. Or they’ll decide to embrace more changes and force teams into more expenses, if that’s how it goes. We will see! Thanks for commenting.

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