Video: Rally Finland – Max Attack, put simply

And here we can see rally cars in their natural habitat. This is why Rally Finland is considered by many to be one of the best, if not the best, rally in the world. It’s the combination of insane speed, total determination and the almost unbelievable level of mutual trust between driver and co-driver, faced with the challenge of driving over blind crests and jumps at speeds which would get you in trouble with the police on motorways. Even though I have no doubt the overall experience is 100 times more radical in person, this video is doing a very good job of showing bits of the famous Rally Finland magic. In many ways these jumps and sweeping corners remind me of Rally Sweden, only they’re faster and lack any kind of joker card – in Sweden you make a mistake and snowy banks will either swallow your car or bounce you back to the road. In Finland, on the other hand, mistakes often result in at least several trees being chopped for firewood.

Yes, Rally Finland is very high on the list of events to visit before you die. I made up my mind and project “Rally Finland 2015 or bust” is underway already. How about you?