Video: Rally Poland, Max Attack, the story continues

You know what, I’ll take almost everything I said yesterday back. It wasn’t the event alone, in this case Rally Finland, that made all the difference in the fantastic video I posted yesterday. As exciting and out of this world Rally Finland is, it’s fair to give credits to the makers of the film as well. Why? This is why, just look at what they (or her or him, I have no clue who is hiding behind the Youtube account named MeTHKa) did with Rally Poland as well! Thanks to Karli and his constant alertness I am happy to feature another amazing example of 3rd party WRC video. I’d like to note that perhaps some spectating and/or filming positions weren’t exactly safe, though.

Dear FIA, WRC Promoter and Co., do you (really) still think that this sport is in bad need of a shave, for it is not exciting, thrilling and beyond words awesome as it is? Perhaps it’s not the product that is to blame, perhaps it’s the package, because I see nothing boring or ordinary in these two videos. Apparently, WRC still packs a punch and can kick some serious ass if you are able to carry its message across. Sometimes it takes more than just adding slow-mo footage to every single WRC report.

Thanks Karli and also thanks MeTHKa, I apologize for not subscribing sooner.