Colin McRae Rally 2.0 is back!

  • Garret

    It’s not a remake of the classic Colin McRae Rally 2.0, like the developers let us believe.
    The game is a port of the mobile game that came out last year.

    Read the forums on steam:
    Some people are really angry about it and feel they have been ripped off.

    • I’m guilty of not even playing the game myself yet, so I probably went over the line with my enthusiasm. I’ve read some of the posts on the forums and it really does seem like they did not in fact remake the classic. Which is a huge shame, especially if they instead ported the mobile game, enraging huge number of people. Thanks for your comment and I apologize if I made it sound like the game is better than it really is, while not even playing it myself.

  • Mark M

    If you have the xbox 360, then Colin McRae 4 & 5 both work on the console (although no online multiplayer – just single player or the classic 4 player multiplayer on the same xbox). Not sure about the earlier versions of the game as I no longer have those.

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