Instead of a shoot-out debate, here’s Yaris WRC on tarmac

They now want to switch from pairs of two crews fighting for positions on the final stage of the new format WRC events to three crews, from 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. Not much has changed with this, in fact, it’s equally if not more horrible than pairs of two. Eventually someone is going to end up SOL-ed because this looked like a perfect way to draw more people to the sport. For now this shoot-out thing remains the only new idea aimed at fulfilling the goal of making WRC more popular.

But here, have this video instead. It’s Toyota Motorsport GmbH’s Yaris WRC, all white and tiny, but no less mean and fast. How fast, it’s hard to say, but the team behind so many legendary WRC stories is still hard at work, all stories, struggles and doubts aside. Yaris on tarmac remind me another WRC newborn, Hyundai’s i20 WRC. It wasn’t long ago we were watching videos featuring i20 during its testing phase. And Polo R WRC before that. Toyota is here, Toyota is lurking and Toyota will make the jump when they’re ready.

If you really must read what WRC promoters revealed to Autosport, click here, but trust me, Yaris’ video is much more fun. Not to mention it’s more about WRC than person explaining the latest shoot-out changes seems to be.