Ogier’s second off in Germany was scary

After Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia went off the road and out of the last stage of the day yesterday, I sort of knew Julien will be in for some wild driving today, knowing how determined Sebastien always is to try and make the most of the event, no matter what. Well, I didn’t exactly expect this kind of wild, but luckily both Julien and Seb walked away from today’s accident. And it was one mother of a crash, basically set on a straight piece of road with tiny little bump in tiny little barely even worth mentioning corner – it was enough to upset the car and tyres had no chance of finding grip on wet, muddy, slippery and narrow piece of road.

The accident really looks scary, those guard rails… well, better not even think about guard rails. Good thing is, they’re both OK, but what is it with Seb and Germany, well, that’s another story.