And now for something completely shoot-out

  • Marko S.

    Dark ages of rallying are upon us my friend… just look at this too–12-12-.html

    VWRC in 2017: Duracell powered cars running 1 single stage on Sunday afternoon. Make it a rail-guarded Super Special so the drivers don’t cut corners too!

    I don’t think I’ll be paying for the WRC+ with this kind of bullshit in the sport…

  • JMR

    Isn’t it interesting how many of the old guard of rallying are in leadership roles in the FIA? Jean Todt was a codriver for many years, of course, and there’s Michelle Mouton, Mohammed bin Sulayem…

    Can you imagine if Ari Vatanen had won the election against Jean Todt? He wouldn’t just have rejected the proposal; he would have set fire to the thing and shot the staffer who brought it to him.

    • Don’t forget that Jean Todt is on the opposite side of the “battlefield”. He is not involved in WRC development and is not part of WRC Commission. In fact, he is thought to be a key opponent of the shoot-out idea.

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