WRC remains World RALLY Championship, shoot-out is dead!

  • What a relief! I really couldn’t believe that there are people who thought it was a great idea. I dont even understand how such idea can be conceived.
    Luckily for us and the whole sport this craziness has been stopped.
    I liked Kubica’s comment about the whole last stage shootout. He compared it to a football match where one team is winning 4-0 in the 85th minute, then we reset the result to 0-0 so we have exciting remaining 5 minutes… I think it perfectly reflects the stupidity of this idea.

  • Moses

    Now that the FIA has officially rejected a proposal which could have saved the WRC, you guys who sat on the fence are finally voicing your opinions.
    Lets have this debate again in 2015… after the WRC has bored us out of our skulls

    • I suppose you need to read the blog more often as Tom commented on the shoothout stage and presented his opinion on this matter many times since the idea started.
      Could you also explain how the idea which makes 95% of the 2 and half rally days meaningless can save the sport? Why not make just one 5 minute shootout stage and finish the whole rally in 30 minutes? that would be exciting.
      I am willing to change my mind If you can show me what this idea would improve WRC and how its so superior to current format.

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