Hydrogen powered Toyota FCV rally car

Toyota may not be back in World Rally Championship yet, but all over the world various rally-related projects are keeping the link between Toyota and rallying alive. Some projects are more conventional and they focus on existing cars. Others are more elaborate in terms of research and development, and they are often exploring ideas not yet widely implemented in the world of motor sports.

One such idea connects motor sports, rallying in particular, with the fuel-cell technology. Even though Toyota is more known for its hybrid cars, built around the combination of electric and conventional motors, Toyota is also working on hydrogen fuel-cell tech.

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) is coming to markets all over the world next year. In order to present this car and its technologies to wider audience, Toyota have decided to turn one FCV into a proper rally car. Debut is scheduled for the Shinsiro Rally in a couple of days. FCV rally car is not going to be among official competitors, but will instead run ahead of the main pack as a zero car.

How cool would it be to have a water-powered rally cars in the future? Very cool or not cool at all?

more info: Toyota blog