Video: You’re never too young to RBR

Konsta is 3 years old. He loves many things, as is normal for his age, and as you can imagine, he is constantly searching for new and exciting things to try and enjoy. After all, for a 3 year old, a world is a VERY big place, lined up with fantastic stuff. For example, his dad likes racing simulations, so it’s only natural that Konsta is going to want to try that too. This little Finn (of course it was going to be a Finn) maybe not be able to reach all the pedals and wheel and gearbox lever, but that’s what dad is for. He put daddy in charge of the pedals and gears. But that steering wheel is huge and intimidating and almost as big as Konsta. Does he even stand a chance against unforgiving game such as Richard Burns Rally?

Well, he is a Finn. Of course he stands a chance. In fact, why don’t you check this video and see for yourself.