Kubica: “Learning was sometimes painful… but there isn’t any other way”

Good evening folks. Please do sit down and help yourself to some snacks and drinks. It is time to refresh what we know, or think we know, or never bothered to learn, or refuse to know about Robert Kubica and his life as a World Rally Championship driver. This is a very special topic, as I’m sure you know, and also a very controversial one at times. Even though all doubts can be dispelled by arguments, most of which are rock solid, if we only allow them to actually make their way into our minds. In order to be able to do that, we must submit ourselves to regular sessions of “Trying to understand Robert Kubica” – this is especially important for those unlucky folks who are having a very hard time accepting this guy and what he does in and for the sport. These folks will not even blink if others crash, lose points or titles, trash certain victories or just waste their sponsors money by being slower than slow, but when Kubica, a guy with close to zero rallying experience prior to his WRC2-turned-WRC seasons, crashes, but also improves on each event, they’ll make a big mess, suggesting Kubica is the worst thing that ever happened to WRC. Because apparently there are at least 2476 young drivers out there who would instantly become world champions if only they had access to Kubica’s sponsors money.

And so, here’s another video interview with Robert Kubica, in Polish with English subtitles. Take from it what you will, but seriously, does he really need to spell it any more obvious to his critics. I am biased beyond belief, but just because I believe in this guy and I simply love his attitude and approach to motor sports and life in general. At least based on what I know about him.

I am also extremely happy and thankful to Robert for his decision to become part of WRC family and not join yet another random touring car series, or simply do nothing and despair over his fate.

Thanks for the tip, MichaƂ Hryszko.