Ott Tanak joins Elfyn Evans at M-Sport, ambitions run high

  • Joris

    even though the guy has the speed, i am not convinced about his consistency to stay on the road, which evans has proven to be able of. I hope he proves me wrong!
    I would have gone for the new ERC champ Lappi. ERC is a great hunting ground for WRC (Meeke, Mikkelsen, Neuville, etc..)

  • Matt

    Lappi has another year on his contract with Skoda/VW. As for Tanak, his past shows he has been inconsistent. But I think the speed is harder to learn. Then consistency comes later. For most great drivers. Although Loeb was definately both all along. He is rare and most great drivers, begin fast then temper it with consistency.

    • Very good description of both Tanak and Loeb. This is one of the most important things in Loeb’s success. He was fast and consistent and he did not need too much time and crashed cars and worried sponsors to start delivering results. Such drivers are rare, obviously.

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