Sebastien Loeb returns to Rallye Monte Carlo

Citroën Racing finally confirmed all the rumours, suggesting Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena will join forces once again, for a one off outing at the legendary Monte Carlo Rally. Now please read this one more time. Loeb and Elena will take part in 2015 edition of the most prestigious WRC event ever. This kind of news is really hard to beat, since we all love Sebastien and Daniel. Citroën also loves them and will love them even more if Seb and Daniel manage to bring in some points, in case they’ll be able to score any for the team. For now, both sides claim this is “an isolated incident” and Sebastien is (not yet) bored of all the WTCC excitement and not winning titles. It’s hard to say whether this is true or not and whether Citroën will ask Seb to another odd job or two over the course of 2015, but for now, it’s just good feelings all around because hero of so many generations of rally drivers and fans is about to do his magic once again.

I’m not even going to suggest Sebastien and Daniel were called in because Citroën wants more weapons in their battle against Volkswagen. It’s one event only, even if Volkswagen does not win, it wouldn’t make that big of a dent in German teams’ 2015 plans. There is no doubt Loeb’s return will boost Monte’s TV audience figures and make this event a must visit in 2015, if you can. The legend that is nine-times World Champion returns to WRC stages and not just any stages, but the icy, snowy, twisty, narrow, tricky and otherwise glorious special stages of Monte Carlo.

So, to recap. You want to schedule a trip to Monte Carlo and/or south of France in January 2015 because Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena will be back in action in their Citroën DS3 WRC, taking the battle right to Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia.

Be there!