Move WRC out of Loeb’s backyard, consider Africa for “endurance & adventure”

  • Nefus

    Do anyone know the reasons for removing Safari? was it only costs? Or was there some trouble in the country?

  • Moses

    Many things happened.
    Since 1997, the Kenyan organizers were repeatedly warned by the World Motorsport Council to address major concerns including:
    -running marathon events as opposed to modern events
    -competing on roads open to the public instead of special stages
    -inadequate medical facilities that on several occasions mis-treated manufacturer driver accidents
    -very rough roads which required teams to incur costs of building special cars for only one event
    -poor local media coverage
    -FIA bills mostly not paid due to corruption

    When the organizers failed to pay an outstanding bill of over USD40,000, they lost the event. It might be argued that the FIA had been lenient for a long time because of the events popularity and unique nature which translated into TV appeal. Some say, the event survived an unprecedented 5 year warning courtesy of Shekkar Mehta who was then president of FIA’s Rally Commission.

    In my amateur opinion, the event failed to adapt with modern times. However today’s version of the event has adapted quite well and addressed all those past errors. Given the right funding, the organizers could possibly run a world class event.

    • Nefus

      Ok thanks for the information. I don´t think they have to have a rally in Kenya, but instead anywhere else in Africa or why not Middle East? Jordan rally was interesting to watch. I do agree It´s quite ridiculous that the Rallye De France is so close to the place where the German event takes place, poor variation. Even if they took away Rallye De France there would still exist an event in France, the Monte Carlo Rally wich can´t really be called Monte Carlo Rally since that tiny state is too small to have long stages.

    • Thanks for commenting. I agree with many sentiments expressed in your post. There is no doubt that modern standards of organization must be upheld and even surpassed by new WRC events and candidates. Also, I am not calling for old Safari return, but I am positive there is a room for a more endurance kind of event, even if only one. As I said in the post above, WRC, as I see it, is about diversity and overcoming challenges. Sport can be pushed into strict formats and shaped that it fits this or that schedule, but there must be room for unique character to events and venues.

  • Moses

    The interview below sums up the problems of capable WRC candidate events like Jordan, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, Malaysia, India, New Zealand, China etc. Some have competitive and relatively cheap nationally homologated cars.

    Imagine the baptism site, lunar landscapes, wild predators, sweltering heat, muddy thick rain forests, inca ruins, taj mahal, the great wall, Maori greetings, Zulu warrior dances, monkey brains for dinner :) Its upto Todt, Mouton and Ciesla to get out of their comfort zone.

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