Video: Beppo Harrach doing his thing (winning) the 5th Rally Show Santa Domenica

Once again, Rally Show Santa Domenica was all about mud, mud and then a bit more mud to complement the existing mud. And dirt. This event marks the end of motor sport season in Croatia, even though it’s not part of any national series or championship. It simply is an event that survives and thrives on its own, boosted by solid organization, exciting format and a lot of promotion. Sure, weather could be nicer, with a bit less rain and maybe another degree or two of air temperature, but rally fans don’t care about all this anyway.

Austrian driver Beppo Harrach won the event, a repeat of his 2013 victory. Beppo had a very respectable weapon at his disposal, the only R5 car that actually runs and when it does, it’s fast as hell. So, this is Beppo, his Ford Fiesta R5 and a lot of Croatian mud on Rally Show Santa Domenica, held near Croatian capital, Zagreb.