Video comparison of two MERC cuts by Al Qassimi & Al Attiyah

  • Ahmad GHAZIRI

    There should be ZERO tolerance from the center of the track…These guys cannot help but cutting corners all over the place, before the GPS tracking, some of these guys use to cut whole section of the stage..Photographers use to get confused and some of them were nearly ran over by cars leaving the track.
    Desert rally stages need to be designed by an expert short cutter, the last Abu Dhabi Rally had innovative ideas by digging trenches at the sides of possible short cuts

    • Very much agree with your comment Ahmad. If the titles are to be decided by stewards running around corners with a measuring tape, perhaps it’s time to rethink the rules and standards.

      Still the very bitter aftertaste of 2014 season finale remains, which is a big shame concerning how close the fight was, completely overshadowed by events taking place after the engines went silent.

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