I don’t care what Kubica does, as long as it’s WRC

At this point, I don’t really care which team Robert Kubica will be driving for. Also don’t care that much about the car either. Those details will come handy later, as a side info and a food for thoughts, but for now all these things are irrelevant compared to The Fact; Kubica mailed his entry to 2015 Rallye Monte Carlo. I don’t see any reason to be fully truly objective and impartial in anything related to WRC, so I’ll just let you all hear how happy I am at the moment. So, how happy I am? Very happy. The fact that Kubica decided to stay true to his ideals, his word and his fans means a thing or two to me. As a true fanboy I chose to believe Kubica is still all about raw passion for racing, true love for the sport and genuine desire to better himself and do so by fighting against the best damn rally drivers in the world. Perhaps there are politics in the backgrounds or hidden agendas, but right now I am completely ignoring all that. Today I want to believe there is still some love and passion involved in elite motor sport categories.

So, I for one am a happy person right now – for me it’s a win-win situation for everyone; fans, media, WRC and hopefully Robert himself.

Are you happy?