Tanak or Evans, Ostberg or Ogier? Picking a favourite is not that easy

  • Alex

    For me, Citroen as a first and inside the team well, i like Kris and he has been a driver with some bad luck in his carer, but this year i am in favor of Mads.
    But in the end i think Citroen will fail miserably again, unfortunately is true if you are not there to win should exit, because you will not get that extra seconds for the victory.

  • Nick

    Looking forward to seeing Hounds bring quicker in 2015 with Neuville pushing the Vw and Citroens. I am always a fan of Kris Meeke too but want to see everyone trying to beat the VWs. Go Wrc!!

  • Xavier

    Quite easy:
    Favorite Driver: Thierry Neuville, everybody loves a good challenger, specially a Belgian one.
    Favorite Team: You’ve got to give it to Malcolm Wilson
    Favorite car: The DS3 looks so cool there is no discussion here.

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