Can you podium predict Monte? Because I surely can’t!

Entry lists can usually tell you a lot about an upcoming event, and if 2015 Monte list is anything to go by, then we’re in for one spectacular event, but again, aren’t we always. The incredible mix of conditions, road characteristics and weather, coupled with huge pressure to perform in front of traditionally huge number of spectators and on some of the most famous stages in the calendar… well, only people who had the privilege to find themselves on the start of this event will know what kind of emotions you experience as you climb up on the start ramp in Monte Carlo or race your way around Col de Turini famous corners. As for the rest of us, we can only imagine, which thanks to fantastic amount of videos and photos and radio coverage isn’t so hard to do.

Next year, Rallye Monte Carlo should start with 96 cars and crews ready to tackle its stages. Of course, I could go and throw in some podium predictions and of course they would end up being totally wrong, so I won’t. Except that I am completely and utterly sure Sebastien Loeb will not win in Monte. In fact, something tells me it’s going to be a snowy Monte this next year and that means… anybody could win. Which is precisely the best possible prediction for this event so I will, ultimately, pick this one and stick to it. It’s a rally, not a boxing match, you don’t simply command superior knowledge of things about to happen in WRC. (or do you?)

So, yes, Monte. I hope I counted them right, and if I did, it’s 96 cars and crews. Entry list is here and once you’re done examining it, please share your podium predictions. I am totally convinced each of those predictions is going to be more accurate than anything I could think of. To think I even played lottery back in a day…