Video: When white is all you can see and the road goes missing

Sure, it’s easy to see the road from a helicopter, but it’s a bit different when you’re sat behind the wheel of a rally car, strapped so that you cannot move and peek over the hill or a crest, all while everything around you is equally white. It’s even worse if your helmet is actually blocking the view as well and your co-driver is next to useless, because things like “wander off the road and into a field and then into someone’s yard” are not part of co-d’s job description. It’s tough. Worst thing about it, the damn helicopter was just above, carrying TV cameras so of course the damn thing ended up on Youtube. Just lame and cringe inducing. Because, yes, we all know now where things went wrong and we also know what could have been the best way to get back on track, but world looks a bit different when you’re down on the ground.

This happened to Swiss driver Jonathan Hirschi during Jänner Rallye, round one of 2015 European Rally Championship. Eventually Jonathan and his co-driver managed to find The Road, but it was a painful process of trying to figure out where to go.