M-Sport’s 2015 livery is here, and I know, you’ve seen it already, haven’t you?

The black Fiestas from 2014 are no more, it’s time for new colours and new inspiration. With new driver on board, M-Sport could be in for a more elaborate year, but just how elaborate and successful is hard to say at this point. Elfyn Evans and Ott Tanak have a very respectable car in their hands and I don’t think anyone here doubts their motivation and ambitions. Perhaps a bit of history, contained in the familiar blue and white paint scheme, can inspire them to push extra hard. I must admit, I first felt a bit disappointed with new colours, but they grow on you and then you start realizing why. All those legendary Ford cars and drivers, in their blue and white cars, you suddenly realize just how clever M-Sport designers were when they decided to borrow a few things from the past in order to inspire new generations.

Personally, all I needed were images of the side and back of the car – where some of the black remained. M-Sport’s 2015 livery isn’t in-your-face or Ken Block kind of paint scheme, it doesn’t ooze colour or use any other visual tricks – instead, it reminds you of the past, of the times we so often talk about when we discuss “golden era” and whatnots. Perhaps we’re in one such era right now, or maybe era like this is about to start. I wouldn’t mind that, not at all.

In the end, maybe this is M-Sport’s final call to Ford to stop being jerks and do what must be done. Stop being an R5 car dealership and return as a factory team, although I suppose M-Sport will first have to deliver a few victories. New year, new paint scheme and new driver – the ingredients are here!

Official press release follows below. Click on tiny images to see their bigger versions. I give this livery a 6 out of 10.

A new season with a familiar feel

The M-Sport World Rally Team Ford Fiesta RS WRCs will be adorned with an exciting new livery this year as Elfyn Evans and Ott Tänak tackle the diverse nature of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship (WRC).

Asphalt, snow, and gravel – the team’s eye-catching design aims to inspire its young squad whilst igniting the imagination with a hint of nostalgia.

Having had a continued presence in the WRC since the series’ was established in 1973, Ford cars have produced some of the most iconic liveries and M-Sport’s 2015 offering harks back to some of the old favourites.

Inspired by Hannu Mikkola’s 1980 Ford Escort RS 1800 MKII and the later 1989 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth of Colin McRae, M-Sport’s new design reflects the Blue Oval’s long and prestigious standing within the sport; a modern twist bringing the colour scheme up-to-date for this year’s young and aspiring drivers.

Pairing a blast from the past with the ambition of Evans and Tänak, the team’s long-term partners are also well represented. M-Sport enjoys continued support from Castrol and Michelin as well as a host of dedicated trade partners – all working together to realise the squad’s potential.

The 2015 livery will be displayed on the main stage of the Autosport International this week before making its competitive debut on the legendary stages of Rallye Monte-Carlo at the end of the month.

Team Principal, Malcolm Wilson OBE, said:

“When designing this year’s livery we were keen to produce something fresh and exciting whilst celebrating Ford’s long and prestigious standing within the FIA World Rally Championship.

“Throughout history, Ford cars have produced some of the most striking colour schemes which became firm favourites around the globe. It’s great to see some of these iconic liveries reflected in our 2015 car – a modern twist tailoring the design to our young and ambitious team.

“We continue to enjoy great support from all at Ford, Castrol and Michelin, not to mention our valued trade partners. I speak for everyone when I say that we are all looking forward to the season ahead and to unlocking the huge potential of both Elfyn [Evans] and Ott [Tänak].”