Like father like son – Petter & Oliver Solberg just doing their Solberg thing

This is both adorable and awesomely impressive at the same time. Petter Solberg, the only driver with two world champion titles in two FIA disciplines (WRC & World RX) and his son Oliver took part in Finnskogvalsen rally in Norway. Two Solbergs competed in Petter’s famous Ford Escort MkII, taking third place overall. While Oliver is no stranger to motor sports, and I don’t see how he could ever be with such dad, this was his co-driving debut. Apparently he did a superb job of reading pace notes, because Petter was full of praise and, again, they ended up third overall.

It’s hard to say which discipline young Oliver will ultimately select as his own. At the moment he is gathering experience in various outings, but something tells me he would be much happier holding a steering wheel instead of pace notes. Yet, co-driving experience is also very important, especially if you can do it next to a former world champion.

Petter, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying his life in much the same manner as he drove his WRC cars – at 120%. Flat out fun, doing what he love while spending time with his family at the same time. Does it get any better than this?