WRC+, let’s see what all the fuss is about

  • Hutch

    I’ve been using it since it came out and its good and the live trackings good if you hear on the wrc radio someones stopped you can track yourself and feel cocky when you notice something they havent. But best bit is with the tracking is the stage times seem to update quicker then the website!

    • Thanks for commenting, Hutch. Is there anything you dislike about WRC+ or you think could be improved or fixed?

      • Hutch

        In fairness I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t be very expensive or difficult to do! I wish I had better internet at home to ensure it doesn’t occasionally freeze :(

  • Jason Anthony

    I have been using WRC+ since it came out. My biggest issue with the service is that there is far more content than I have the time! I have only been able to follow one rally “live”, and that was Rally Deutschland when I was home sick from work. It was very enjoyable to listen to WRC radio and watch the live maps. It’s difficult though living in the states, most of the European rounds are well into the 2nd loop of stages by the time I am awake.

    So, I love the WRC so I pay for the service, but I don’t think that I have all the time needed to get my money’s worth!

    I really think that the WRC has done a great job though and other forms of motorsport would be wise to take notice.

    The best thing about it is NO GEO-BLOCKING, something that happens quite often in the USA when I try to watch motorsport online.

    • Ah yes, the good old time issue, I can’t wait to experience it myself, and I know I will. Sometimes you just cannot follow everything that’s available, but luckily for us, WRC loses very little of its charm and awesomeness even if viewed with a delay.

  • Gaaz!

    Would be nice if it became available everywhere. Too many fans are still left out.

  • bertndereddere

    I’ve been using it also since it came out and I’ll tell you one thing: I can’t wait until tonight 8pm!
    Because there beats nothing (unless you’re out onto the stages yourself off course) wrc+ when you’re watching the live stages on your own tv in hd and proper sound when everything happens just as you watch it. I can’t explain how it feels, but you HAVE to try it yourself!
    Hope you have as much fun as I will.

  • Jason Anthony

    Gaaz! Where is it not available?

    • Gaaz!

      France and the whole scandinavia

      • Jason Anthony

        Hmmm… just the two biggest markets for the WRC… that sucks!

  • Marko S.

    I’ve just canceled my subscription for few reasons:
    1. There are only 3 stages live per rally, and they are edited so you cannot choose which car to follow or anything.
    2. Those two idiots commenting are too much for me to handle… if only there was a “mute those two and play the pure car sound and wrc radio” button.
    3. There is nothing except live maps that you cannot see on wrc.com, and tbh following the dots moving on the map ain’t thrilling at all.

    So after enjoying myself yesterday when I took the subscription by watching old on-boards and stuff, there was a bitter dose of disappointment today when they said see you on Sunday after only 10 cars finishing the stage. Sunday?! Where’s tomorrow and the day after?!

    There’s my two cents after trying the WRC+ service.

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