Toyota GT86 CS-R3 eyeing competitive debut

Let’s step back from all the excitement of Monte Carlo Rally and look at other rally related news for a moment. For instance, this press release, sent by Toyota Motorsport. No, it’s not THAT press release, we are feeding on rumours saying THAT release might reach us all sometime next week. It’s a different kind of release, but it’s interesting and exciting nonetheless. In it, Toyota Motorsport talks about the upcoming debut of a different kind of rally car. It’s good looking, rear wheel spinning GT86 in CS-R3 rally guise and they’re ready to share all the interesting details with the general public at last.

GT86 CS-R3 “has completed an extensive test programme to optimise design and define the final specification of the kit which will be delivered to private competitors and teams” since prototype car was launched in August last year. Toyota promises a reliable and fast car, claiming much time and effort has been devoted to both areas, so car is competitive on tar and gravel while also being reliable.

Toyota promises first deliveries in May, which is later than originally planned, but additional time allowed them to implement improvements highlighted during testing. Good news, the delay also caused a prolonged discount period; if you call anytime between right now and 24 April 2015 you can save €5000, so instead of standard retail price of €84.000 you can get your hands on a GT86 CS-R3 for 79 grand (excl. VAT). You will also get a book of recipes and a set of steak knives.

“The CS-R3 kit includes body shell, powertrain and all mechanical components required to build the car”. Homologation is set to be certified early in July, after which cars “will be eligible for national and international rallies up to and including the WRC.”

“Fans will be able to see up to 10 CS-R3 cars in competition for the first time at the Rally Niedersachsen near Hanover on 4 July, the first round of the new HJS TMG CS-R3 Trophy.”

“The first competitors have already signed up to the Trophy, which offers over €5,000 of prize money for each of the seven rounds plus other benefits, and will run for at least the next three seasons.”

Nico Ehlert, TMG Principal Engineer Customer Motorsport: “This is a significant milestone in the GT86 CS-R3 story which brings us one step closer to the car’s competitive debut. We have put a huge amount of effort into our testing and development programme in order to deliver a fast, reliable and spectacular car for drivers and fans alike. As always, there are a number of challenges with a new-car development; in this case we had quite some work to adjust our rear-wheel-drive car to regulations which were written with front-wheel cars in mind. It is extremely important to TMG that our cars live up to our customers’ high expectation so we have taken a little more time than originally predicted to complete the homologation process. This means we now have a car which, I believe, will exceed the expectations of our customers and keep the fans entertained.”

GT86 CS-R3 Technical Specifications:
Price                €79,000 (excluding VAT) for orders before April 24 2015
€84,000 (excluding VAT) standard price
Type                FA20
Layout             Boxer, flat four
Displacement   1998 cc
Max. power     238hp
Max. torque     230Nm @ 6,800
Exhaust           HJS racing exhaust and manifold
Fuel cell          FT3 safety cell
Type                Rear wheel drive
Gearbox          Drenth six-speed sequential
Differential     Limited slip, several ramp setting options available
Final drive       Short final drive, several options available
Clutch              Racing clutch with lightweight flywheel
Steering          Hydraulic power steering with short ratio
Bodywork       Steel monocoque bodyshell with roof ventilation
Roll cage         Homologated R3 safety cage
Length             4240 mm
Width               1775 mm
Wheelbase      2570 mm
Weight             1080 kg by regulation
Suspension      Front: MacPherson type
                        Rear: Multi-link
Shocks             Gravel: Reiger, adjustable three-way
Tarmac: Reiger, adjustable three-way
Stabilizer         Several options
Rims                Gravel: OZ 6” x 15”
Tarmac: OZ 7” x 17”
Brakes             Front     Gravel:  300mm x 30mm
Tarmac: 330mm x 30mm
Rear      Gravel: 295mm x 10mm
Tarmac: 295mm x 10mm
Caliper            Front: Alcon, four-piston brake caliper
Rear: Alcon, two-piston brake caliper