Video: This is what WRC spectators live for

A word of warning, do not watch this is you’re prone to sudden outbursts of sobbing and crying, because if you take your rally with a(n un)healthy dose of emotions, the end of this particular video could be too much for you to handle. Of course, I don’t know anything about that and I never cried watching that damn Up animated movie.

Not long ago we saw the video showing how awesome interaction between WRC crews and spectators really can be in case of Sebastien Loeb’s off during testing and today we have this video, showing the amount of passion and determination WRC spectators have for the sport and its stars. Once the car is off the road and in need of help, they just won’t stop pushing, lifting, thinking, instructing until that car is back on the road. WRC and rally fans are what this sport is also about, their determination can only be matched by those of drivers, co-drivers and teams.

In this video, spectators / heroes help Ott Tanak find his way back to the road and then service, where another set of (paid) heroes managed to fix the car in time to continue.