Oh lord won’t you buy me… a brand new Integrale?

Most of them are extinct, yes, much like the brand itself could soon be, but this world is full of surprises and well preserved iconic cars. All you need is money and even the most rarest of the rare could end up in your garage. The car in this post isn’t that rare, but it’s rare enough to justify its crazy price. This is a 1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione in immaculate shape and looking as sexy as ever. There are plenty of Deltas around the world, from the early 8V models to the latest Evoluzione, err, evolutions, but not many of them have only 50 kilometers on the clock and not a single dent or scratch. In fact, if what Silverstone Auctions say is true, this car could be in better shape than many cars you buy as new today.

Not only is she brand new, but she also belongs to a very special group of Deltas, known as the Martini Edition. If my memory serves me well, this is not the only Martini Edition, since Evoluzione II also had one, but nonetheless, this particular car belongs to a limited series of 400 vehicles. Our car (oh, oh!) has number 124 on the plate and is expected to fetch an estimated 90 to 110 thousand pounds. In your currency that converts to a-lot-of-money. Series was launched to celebrate Lancia’s fifth World Rally Championship title.

They say this Delta only travelled from dealer to the current owner and it just sat there, in his living room I suppose, for 22 years. The 2 liter turbocharged four delivers 210 horsies to all four wheels and you might be interested to hear that price also includes original service book, sales invoice, tool kit and manual.

“As a limited edition special, produced to celebrate the Integrale’s success in the World Rally Championship, these cars are incredibly rare indeed,” comments Guy Lees-Milne, General Manager, Silverstone Auctions. “So, to find such a perfect example with just a few miles on the clock really is an exceptional feat. What’s more, there are few surroundings more appropriate than Race Retro to offer the car for sale.”

Oh, in case you didn’t know or realize by now, I want this car really really bad. Like, it’s the best.