Video proving Ogier isn’t fast just because he’s in a VW

  • kpcart

    driving 1 and a half handed (he is a disabled driver now), in his second choice of career (since he cant do f1 anymore), and fighting off his demons by choosing the motorsport that he nearly died in as his new career, also obviously the hardest motorsport coming from circuit races, videos like this showing Kubica’s progress are wonderful to see. In a 3 year old fiesta chassis he won 4 stages at Monte Carlo, and that grand stage of 50+km by so much. He has the speed, and nearly the technique, he jumped in too early to the main catagory – after 1 season in his life of rallying, but then maybe he didnt? – he is learning the hardest way possible, straight in the deap end, and we can see progress, especially on gravel. the crashes are part of the parcel in the learning curve he has chosen, there will be more, but by the end of his journey, i think we will look back on a motorsport legend.

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