Video: Volkswagen Motorsport welcomes Toyota to WRC

Two years, it will take two years before we can finally see what Toyota can do in their return to WRC, but perhaps it won’t be a very long and boring wait after all.

I mean, if Toyota and other WRC teams decide to throw fun and interesting things at us, and by things I mean information, interesting, fun, engaging information and features, maybe we will just have heaps of fun and forget about the time.

The thing is, we didn’t have to wait too long, because Volkswagen already launched their first missile at Toyota. By missile I mean a welcome message featuring team principal Jost Capito and the legendary WRC co-driver Luis Moya. I would really like to know when did they film this, I have a feeling this was done during Monte weekend, which would mean Volksies knew in advance, but maybe it wasn’t, maybe they got Jost & Luis together today and filmed this. Of course, in front of that famous service van with equally famous message printed across its rear doors.

Well done, Volkswagen Motorsport.