Video: Kris Meeke spends his winter nights in 6th gear

First of all, this doesn’t even look, or should I say feel, like snow driving. At all. No matter how effective winter tyres you put on your car before going out for some fun in the snow, the grip will never be THIS good. If anything, driving on the snow should be slower than driving on gravel or tarmac because, well, because of all the ice and snow! It’s no wonder first time viewers of Rally Sweden and similar strictly-winter events cannot quite believe what they’re seeing. The speed is not lower, it’s often on par with speed on gravel. Of course, we all know the main factor in that speed is the special kind of tyre, with all those wonderful spikes they call studs. But not even that will make you instantly fast and going flat in 6th gear through the frozen woods at night. No, for that you must be a rally driver and have a very very heavy yet obedient right foot.

I mean, just look at Kris Meeke in his latest video, featuring night stage test in Sweden. It’s 6th gear, massive speed, wonderfully precise inputs, from high speed corrections to big, controlled speed shaving slides.

Big thanks to Kris for sharing this video with fans.