Video: Kris Meeke spends his winter nights in 6th gear

  • Jason Anthony

    Impressive! Thanks for sharing. Wondering if the glare from the headlights on the snow is exaggerated by the camera, or if it really is that bad? Also, just wondering if Kris needs to be a bit more tidy with the car to find that last little bit that he has been looking for. He had some BIG sideways moments in there… looks cool, but as Loeb taught us, not the best way to drive these cars.

    • wrblog

      Glare is most definitely a camera problem, extremely difficult to set the correct exposure in these conditions. As for the moments in this run, I suppose that’s what testing is for, for all we know he could have been testing some setup idea, but yes, some of those moments looked quite big, especially to us as we’re unable to look to the sides and see how close those banks really were.

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