The importance of Toyota’s comeback

  • Jason Anthony

    David, great article! I am interested to see how many resources Toyota will put into the WRC program. The “more with less” attitude has paid off for them really well in the WEC, and I don’t see them leaving that championship anytime soon considering their success.

    As for the WRC, I am pleasantly surprised to see how the current regulations have played out… I’ll be the first to admit that I feared the new spec cars to be the end of the WRC as we knew it, but it has actually attracted new manufactures. Fair play to them.

    As much as some manufacturers won’t enter the WRC until the regulations change, I think that the WRC needs to be careful about changing things too much. They have just started to gather a little bit of momentum since probably 2009 right after the big financial crash. They need to provide some stability for the manufacturers involved and allow them to amortize their current investments. Yes, changes still need to be made, but we saw what change for the sake of change did to F1 this past season!

    • wrblog

      I’m with Jason on this, particularly when it comes to changes concerning cars and tech. Neither of those needs changing at the moment, especially if we consider the fact that Toyota (obviously) decided to jump in and the FIA have promised no major changes to cars for 2017. I am not saying nothing will change, because some things probably will, maybe some eligibility restrictions will be lifted or relaxed, but in my opinion, no major changes are needed. Sport will benefit greatly from stability and instead of bending the rules, WRC should keep doing more in terms of promotion.

      If, at some point, cars were to be changed, then my vote would not go to odd solutions, such as huge sedans or RWD GT cars, but to C segment vehicles with global presence. Golf, Focus, i30, DS4, Auris and such.

    • Thanks for reading Jason! Glad you liked it! Well I heard Toyota remain “open” towards the future of their WEC involvement as long as they don’t win LM, which as more reputation than winning the WC.

      I really hope that they can work on the format of WRC+, just I don’t think (and I forgot to include that in the article) having a streaming option on your own website only, makes sense. How should new people get to WRC+ when they don’t even know what WRC is. Putting in a more mainstream stream service, such as Twitch or UStream (where you can also attach a certain subscription fee if you want to) would gain more publicity and awareness of the product to other people. Maybe make it free again for first year and then 4.99 monthly the next year? Just a suggestion

      • wrblog

        There should be some kind of trial service available. Maybe first 10 minutes of each live stage free. Or maybe they should offer first month free, but only if you enter your CC number. WRC+ is a good concept, but it’s far from perfect or ideal. Good start, though.

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