Kubica’s 5 minute penalty and some questions around it

  • cq

    great article. we all know that RK is not in the line with the wrc world

  • Jason Anthony

    The rules are the rules, but I always struggle with large penalties that seem to be disproportionate to the offense or the performance advantage gained. I remember that a few years ago, Marcus Gronholm’s Focus was excluded from a rally for the windows being ever slightly too thin… probably no performance advantage gained, but that decision cost him the championship. Also, I remember when Seb won the Monte in 2002 and then had it taken away for an infringement that had no performance advantage. Sometimes decisions like this, even though they are correct by the rulebook, leave a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Luka Vuylsteke

    If every team who not follow the FIA rules put it on the head of the 3th party……and the FIA accept it….there will be chaos.
    No matter Kubica have in SS10 another technical problem….his turbo pression was to high….and the FIA technical rules are clear.
    5′ panish is ok…..if you put the panish lower….a lot will broke the FIA rules because with the advantage they will win time!!
    Only 1 is guilty….M-Sport in this case,but the FIA can only panish the car….it’s normally!

  • Jan-Michael

    How come Ogier’s multiple speeding infractions on recce (even after being warned about it) led to a 2 minute penalty that wasn’t actually applied? Surely they could have ‘waived’ Kubica’s penalty too…

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