Debut victory for Pärn in a 4WD car

photo: Timo Anis

Estonian rally fans gathered in South-Estonia at the weekend to witness the highest point of the Estonian motorsport winter season in Võru county. Võru winter rally 2015 saw the debut of Sander Pärn and James Morgan in their 4 wheel drive Ford Fiesta R5. The Estonian-Welsh crew took the lead from the first stage and managed to take their first victory on their debut in a 4WD rallycar.

Sander won the first stage on Saturday morning by a comfortable 5.8 seconds in front of their rivals. „Our aim at the first stage of the rally was to drive as fast as possible without takeing any risks.,“ explained Pärn. The young Estonian added that after the first stage it was clear to them that they had the speed and also some extra if needed to win the rally. „After that we focused on our own things with the aim to prepare ourselves for the coming season in World Rally Championship,“ explained Pärn.

Pärn and Morgan won 3 out of four stages on the first part of the rally on saturday morning. They also managed to take the victory on the power stage which gave them 3 extra points to the championship table. „The lead which we managed to get on staurday morning was enough to drive the rest of the rally safely. We controlled the situation as it was enough to secure the victory,“ said Pärn. The gap in the finish between Sander Pärn – James Morgan against their closest rivals Siim Plangi – Marek Sarapuu was 16.3 seconds.

„I am happy that I was able to trust my pace notes and that our co-operation with James worked. It‘s good to know that we had enough speed to win this event. We did not have to drive 100 % flat out and was always in a dictating role throughout the rally,“ said Pärn.

The victory in Võru winter rally 2015 was the first ever victory for Sander Pärn in Estonian rallysport series. „Its a great feeling which comes with the victory of the rally. It’s always a pleasure to compete in Estonia in front of the local fans and friends. The atmosphere in the car was relaxed and the road conditions on the stages were suprisingly good,“ added Pärn.

„MM-Motorsport had prepared us a perfect Ford Fiesta R5 which worked perfectly throughout the rally. Many thanks to the team and Markko Märtin for the perfect job. We are also very happy to start our new partneship with Estonian heating supplier GIGA. Thanks to whom we could start on this year’s Võru winter rally. The first project with GIGA worked perfectly,“ said Pärn.

source: PR