Video: Rally spectating at max level, this is it

For the record, all rally fans are greatest and bestest, period. No matter if they are still learning about the sport, as it only just appeared in their country, or they’re veteran professionals with decades of spectating under their belt, they’re all equally awesome. Naturally, if you happen to live in a country in which rallying basically equals religion, chances are you’ll be introduced to the sport very early in your life and with years it will become an obsession. In some countries fans are happy to just come along and watch some cars rip through the stages. In others fans are a bit more organized and dedicated, so they set up camps, prepare food and they even bring cameras to film the cars and take pictures. This is not the final level, though. Next up, fans in organized groups, they set up camps for few days, travel between events, have websites and social network channels with regular updates – basically, they’re almost like a roaming pack of media enthusiasts. But even that does not count as the max level in rally fan… ism?

The top step of the podium, in my completely biased opinion, goes to the car rescue groups. They are not the first responders, they are faster than that. Car is still rolling, they’re already there, dodging the debris and flying bumpers and bonnets. Those groups are highly trained and you should definitely not try to replicate their skillful actions unless you’re also part of one such group. Sometimes you don’t even know they’re there. All you see is a nice forest, then car storms into view and rolls off the road and into said forest – suddenly, out of nowhere, 20 people emerge, gloves on their hands, extraction ropes ready. Few of them are responsible for filming, so you will see a smartphone or two, but for the rest of them, the car and its crew are the most important thing in the world.

This video is supposed to be all about rallying accidents, because those are exciting to watch, but to me spectator reactions are much more interesting. Look closely and you will see some of those Max Level Rally Spectator groups in action. Stay safe while you spectate, be responsible and use your head. Oh, and don’t get in the way of Max Level guys.

Finally, are you surprised all this took place in that magnificent rallyland they call Finland?