Ott Tänak describes The Plunge

  • Jason Anthony

    He was very lucky indeed. This incident has made me think about whether there is anything that can be done to provide some buoyancy to the cars. Something along the lines of some canisters that can be activated to quickly inflate some bags or something along those lines. It wouldn’t be enough to keep the car from sinking, but just enough to buy the crews some more time to get out of the cockpit.

    • wrblog

      Jason, you really should get on Twitter. There are many very engaging discussions constantly going on regarding WRC. We are all very nice. Your move.

  • m s

    If that had happened in Finland, the car would be out of the water before it had time to sink. :)
    Joke aside, it’s a real shame the efforts of M-sport mechanics didn’t pay off today. It was incredible to see what they did to the car after it had been in the water for so long.

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