Of Kubica and Ostberg, Mikkelsen and Ogier

  • Stefan Walker

    People must also remember that he still new to rallying while the others have been doing for years even before they entered WRC.He entered the game to the top just like Ken Block and people over look that!

    • m s

      That’s not quite true, he’s rallied since 2008 or 2009. It wasn’t in WRC, but he still got enough under his belt to know and do better. His pathetic start/finish ratio has no more valid excuses. I am personally gutted and deeply disappointed with his approach and performance. I’m not sure if there is a single driver in the history of WRC that crashed out that many times over 2 years of his rally career, Novikov maybe…
      On the other hand, I could talk for days how impressed I am with Evans and Paddon respectively. Those guys show how you’re supposed to drive while learning, these guys show progress!

      • Stefan Walker

        Evans will be world Champion battle between him an Paddon will be intense in the future that’s for sure

      • wrblog

        I agree with you on Paddon and Evans’ approach to learning and gaining experience, but let’s not compare Kubica’s early rallying “career”, consisting of couple of events per year in a S1600 or S2000 car, with full seasons in WRC.

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